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Ultrasonic vibrating screen machine fine powder sieving


Ultrasonic vibrating screen machine is a ultra fine powder sieving machine which is a upgrade product base on ordinary vibro sieving machine. It also a kind of screen mesh cleaning way of the sieving machines for special features material such as ultra fine powder, sticky material and irregular powders etc. It is suitable the material fineness is finer than 200 mesh ultra fine powder. The ultrasonic clearing system can lonely use , also can combined with other cleaning ways, such as bouncing balls.


Ultrasonic vibrating screen machine fine powder sieving


For the ultrasonic vibrating screen machine, the main feature is the strong ultrasonic forces. A high frequency, low amplitude ultrasonic vibration wave superimposed on the screen, Superfine powder receives huge supersonic acceleration, and keep the material on the screen in suspension. When the operation is going, the factors such as adhesion, friction, flat drop and wedging are suppressed, and further the problem of strong adsorption, easy agglomeration, high electrostatic, ultra fine, high density, light gravity and so on is solved . The ultrasonic clearing system equip for the vibrating sieve machine is made up of sieve mesh, transducer, base, vibrating body, ultrasonic power supply etc.


Ultrasonic vibrating screen machine fine powder sieving


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