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The resin and coating industry sieving by applying the vibrating sieve machines as part of their production processing to help classify and remove the resin and coating material impurities from raw materials, greatly increase the resin and coating industry sieving efficiency and accuracy, also improve the final products quality. Vibrating sieve machine is an efficient and accurate powder sieving machine widely applied for separating solids from liquids or for separating different sizes of particles.




Resin and coating industrial sieving vibrating sieve machine advantages


In resin and coating industry production, vibrating sieve machines are commonly used during the sieving and screening process to remove any oversized or undersized particles from the raw materials. This helps to ensure that the final product has a consistent particle size and shape, which is important for achieving the desired physical properties and performance characteristics. Vibrating sieve machines can also be used to remove impurities from the resin itself, such as dust, debris, and other foreign particles. This is important for maintaining the quality of the final product and ensuring that it meets the required standards and specifications.



Resins & Coating

Resin and coating industrial main particles sieved by vibrating sieve machine.



vibrating sieve machines are an important tool in the resin industry, helping to improve product quality, increase efficiency, and reduce waste. the most widely suggest types are: linear vibrating screen, circular vibrating sieve machine, high frequency vibro sifter machine, tumbler screening machine, 450 type filter sieve machine etc.



Resins & Coating

Different typs of vibrating sieve machine for resins and coating industrial sieving.



The following are some of our vibrating sieve machine for the resin and coating industry sucessful applications by our customers solution datas. hope useful for you and if you want to know more about the resin and coating sieving solutions, Welcome Contact Us and we will supply the most useful and commercial cost powder sieving machines for you.




Resins Powder Sieving Vibrating Sieve Machine Industrial Applications


Resins & Coating

Resins Powder Sieving Vibrating Sieve Machine Industrial Applications on factory site.




Resin and coating industrial sieving vibrating sieve machine Application Cases


Material Gravity screen mesh Layers capacity(kg/h or IT/h) types of vibrating sieve machine
epoxy resin sieving 1.8 100 one layer 280kg R-1000-1S
MBS resin sieving 0.3 30 one layer 350kg R-800-1S
Melamine resin sieving 0.4 30,60 two layers 36kg R-600-1S
PVC resin particles sieving 1 5mm,10mm two layers 3000kg R-1200-2S
Polyethylene powder sieving 0.45 48,100 two layers 100kg R-800-2S
polyethylene resin sieving 0.5 60 one layer 450kg R-1000-1S
Polymer particles sieving 1.05 10,20 two layers 3100kg R-1000-2S
spray paint particles sieving 1.1 325 one layer 600it R-600-1S
Magnetic colorant powder sieving 5 100 one layer 450kg R-600-1S
Acrylic powder coating sieving 0.5-0.8 80 one layer 180kg R-800-1S
Non-magnetic colorant powder sieving 0.4 60 one layer 120kg R-1000-1S
Epoxy powder coating sieving 1.4-1.8 80 one layer 400kg R-1000-1S
Polyester powder coating sieving 0.6,0.8 100 one layer 400kg R-1000-1S