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Multi-function Packaging Machines

Multi-function packaging machines including automatic weighing bags sealing packaging machine, auto Bag Powder Filling Weighing Sealing Packing Machines, equip with our vibrating sieve machine, greatly increase your packaging quality and efficiency.

  • High Efficient Valve Bag Packing Machine Commercial Price

    High efficient valve bag packing machine is a widely and necessary bulk materials bag packing machines used in a variety of industries that package dry, bulk solid powders and granular products. The most common packaging products are cement, grout, fertilizer, flour, salt powder, grains, putty mixing process, refractory mixes, and sugar.

  • Multi-function Automatic Weighing bag sealing packaging machine

    Automatic bags weighing sealing packing machine has features of automatic weighing, bag clamping, filling , automatic conveying and bag sealing functions saving time and more efficient. Conveyor can be adjusted up and down: according to different weights, the height of the packaging bags is different, and the height of the conveyor is adjustable. Simple structure design, stable and durable working functions, easy operating and low maintenance cost. Microcomputer control, the control panel is standard english and can also custom.