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Powder Conveyor Equipment

Industrial Powder Conveyor equipment is for powder materials conveying functions. including: dust freed vacuum feeder, vacuum conveyor system, screw feeding conveyor and some other types. This products can greatly improving the conveying efficiency and no dust powder flying features.

  • Efficient Industrial Flexible Screw Conveyor for Material Feeding Applications

    Industrial Flexible Screw Conveyor, also called screw feeder conveyors or Spiral conveyors, are widely used in various industries for materials efficiently and effectively feeding conveying. The basic working principle of a screw conveyor is simple: a rotating screw shaft inside a trough or casing moves materials along its length. As the screw rotates, it creates a continuous flow of material from the inlet to the outlet. The following are some basic info for your better understanding about the auger feeding conveyors.

  • Efficient Dust-Free Vacuum Powder Feeding Station Factory Prices

    The dust-free feeding station is widely used in a variety of applications, including the pharmaceutical, food, starch and chemical industries. Often equip with the vacuum feeding conveyor achieving the powder environmental conveying functions. customers also equip the dust free vacuum feeder station with the vibrating sieve machine for particles classiflying functions. It is an essential tool for ensuring that raw materials are transferred safely and efficiently, and that no contaminants are introduced into the production process. Its use has become increasingly important in recent years, as companies have become more aware of the health and safety risks associated with airborne contaminants.

  • High Efficient Vertical Vibration Elevator

    Vertical vibration elevator, also known as screw elevator, is suitable high efficient feeding conveyor for conveying and lifting powdery, blocky and short fiber materials. Materials can not only be lifted, but also dried and cooled during lifting.

  • Bulk Material Vertical Feeding Z type Bucket Elevator

    Z-type bucket elevator has obvious advantages such as large conveying capacity, high lifting height, stable and reliable operation and long service life. This bucket elevator is suitable for conveying powdery, granular and small pieces of non abrasive and small abrasive materials.

  • Heavy Duty Bulk Bag Unloader

    Heavy Duty Bulk Bag Unloader is used to unloading powder materials from big bulk bags with easy, efficient and safe operation, and transfer them to other equipment such as feeder conveyor, vibrating screen or mixer etc.

  • Vertical type Vibratory Spiral Elevator Conveyor

    The vertical type vibratory spiral elevator conveyor is a powder feeding conveyor machine driven by a vibration motor. The strong vibration force drives the spiral blade, so that the material is lifted to a certain height along the spiral blade.

  • Large Capacity Powered Belt Conveyor

    Powdered Belt Conveyor, also called adhesive tape conveyor, is composed of driving device, frame, pulley, roller, tightening device, safety device, belt, etc. 

  • Efficient Vacuum Feeder Machine

    Vacuum feeder machine, also known as vacuum conveying system, is a device that generates vacuum to feeding powder materials through gas, and is a kind of gas conveying equipment. The Vacuum Feeder has advantages of little space occupy, no powder flying and high conveying efficient.