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Dryer Machine

microwave dryer machine is an efficient drying machine for mealworm insect larvae drying, BSF Larvae Drying, Food and vegetable drying application. practical insects drying equipment for many large mealworm breeding plants.

  • BSF Larvae Insects Drying Microwave Dryer Machine

    Microwave drying type BSF Larvae Black Soldier Fly Dryer Machine is an efficient and highly automatic insects drying machine. the mainly advantages of our Microwave drying machine is high efficiency and keep most of the original nature of the drying materials. As the Black Soldier Fly insects are dried by the microwave sources, more even temperature causing almost no carbon emission or poison waste, it's a safe, clean and energy saving Insects drying equipments. The following are the main features and advantages of our New Design of the Microwave drying BSF Larvae Insects dryer machines.

  • Efficient Insects Drying Microwave Dryer Machine

    Industrial Insects Drying Microwave Dryer Machine also called Belt Dryer Machine is a new type of drying equipment with high production efficiency and low operating cost.

  • BSF Larva drying Insects Dryer Machine

    The efficient BSF Larvae drying insects dryer machine is the hot air circulating oven dryer equipment. this product is one of the major dryer equipments in manufacturing black solider fly larvae , Chinese herbal medicines as well as most of the agricultural products.