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Ceramics Industry

For the ceramic industry powder sieving functions, by applying the high efficient vibratory sieve machine, the sieving efficiency and ceramic powder accuracy has greatly increased. The vibrating sieve machine is an efficient vibro sieving machine widely applied for the particles grading, classifying, sizing and solid liquid separations. One of the most important processes in the ceramic industry is screening. During this process, raw materials such as clays, glaze, quartz, glaze clays, feldspar, and talc are screened before being used in production to make sure they have the desired size and shape.



Ceramic Clay powders sieved by the vibrating sieve machine show.

Ceramic Powder Sieving Vibrating Sieve Machine Advantages


The most important requirements for the vibrating sieve machine applying for the ceramic industry, is strong vibration force, stable and durable long working life, as the ceramics sieving and filtering applications mostly require heavy duty and 24 hours continue working. For our high frequency special design vibrating sifter machine, equip with custom strong vibration force motors, the vibration can be strong and low powder cost. closed mechanical structure design ensure little dust flying, This makes the vibrating sieve machine an ideal equipment for ceramics sieving applications that require clean production environments.


Ceramics Industry



The most widely apply and suitable types for the ceramic sieving industry apply we suggest are: high freqeuncy vibrating sieve, vibrating sifter machine, linear vibrating screen etc.



Ceramics Industry Ceramic Powder Sieving Vibrating Sieve Machine industrial applications on site.



Ceramic Powder Sieving Vibrating Sieve Machine Application Cases

Material Gravity screen mesh Layers capacity(kg/h or IT/h) types of vibrating sieve machine
kiln clay particles sieving 2 10 one layer 16000kg R-1000-1S
slurry mud filtering 1.1 250 one layer 3200it R-1000-1S
kaolin powder sieving 0.4 100 one layer 200kg R-1000-1S
slurry mud filtering 1.1 100 one layer 9000it R-1000-1S
refractory material sieving 1.2 2.2mm one layer 10000kg R-1500-1S
Grinding particles and hard materials sieving 1.5 12,20,250 Three Layers 1000kg R-1000-3S
sandblasting particles sieving 4 4,8 Two Layers 130kg R-800-2S
Silicon carbide sieving 1.7 325 one layer 160kg R-1000-1S
Silicon nitride sieving 1 200 one layer 200kg R-1000-1S
Aluminum oxide powder sieving 1 100 one layer 230kg R-1000-1S