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Pharma & Chinese Medicine

Pharma and Chinese Medicine Sieving apply vibrating sieve machine has the most strict pharma GMP standard and also the quality standard. Including the mechanical structure body usually by 316L stainless steel materials, welding part, connection part are all grinding and Polishing, Machining processing integrated molding ensure better structural strength and sealing effect for the pharma and chinese medicine sieving applications.




Pharma and Chinese Medicine Sieving Vibrating Sieve Machine Advantages


The most widely vibro sieving machine apply for the pharma industry sieving are circular vibrating screen machine, tumbler screening machines. all these type of sieve machines have advantages of stable working conditions, durable and long working life, pharma standard easy cleaning and Sanitary requirements. low working noise, simple and closed structure design etc. widely applied for the tablet, capsule, particles, powders and liquid materials sieving ,grading and filtering functions. The following are some of our customer pharma sieving application cases for your refer.



Pharma & Chinese Medicine




Pharma and Chinese Medicine Sieving Vibrating Sieve Machine Application cases


Material Gravity screen mesh Layers capacity(kg/h or IT/h) types of vibrating sieve machine
Chinese medicine powder sieving 0.8 80 one layer 550kg R-800-1S
Pharma particles sieving 0.7 20,60 two layers 800kg R-1000-2S
Chinese medicine extract liquid filtering 1 20 one layer 2000it R-800-1S
pesticide powder sieving 0.9 80,150 two layers 1400kg R-1000-2S
Health Food Powder sieving 1.1 40,80 two layers 2000kg R-1200-2S



Pharma & Chinese Medicine pharma sieving vibrating sieve machine equip with vacuum feeder conveyor system.


The pharma and Chinease medicine hve strict requirements for the standards and working environments, the pharma sieving vibrating sieve machine often equip with the dust free stainless steel vacuum feeder conveyor system for the materials environmental friendly and dust free conveying. Reeger Machinery can free design the pharma particles conveying, sieving, grinding and mixing solutions for you. Welcome Contact Us for more info!