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Vibrating Sieve Machine for Powder Sieving


What is a vibrating screen machine and its main uses?

A vibrating screen, also referred to simply as a powder screening machine, consists of a dynamic chassis that supports one or more screen surfaces or elements within it.

Screens are used to sort different particles by size, starting with bulk products in a continuous process. The inlet material (raw material) proceeds from one part of the screen feed to the other end, where particles come out separately according to their size, shape or density. There are also center-loaded shakers, with product radially moving to the peripheral output.


Vibrating Sieve Machine for Powder Sieving


For the correct advancement of the vibrating sieve machine product, the sieving process must be continuous, if the screen surface is level, this is due to vibration. Most screens have a certain inclination so that the forward movement of the product is due to a combination of gravity and vibration. So, most of our customer will buy one or two spare screen mesh Replacing in time once some trouble occur for the vibro sieving machines. and they also sometimes buy another one or two screen mesh with different sizes, as as for sieving different sizes particles with one sieving machines.


Vibrating Sieve Machine for Powder Sieving

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