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Powder Sieving Rotary Vibrating Sieve Machine Purchase Guide


The use of rotary vibrating sieve machine for grading and sorting powders is becoming more and more popular. The process of sorting powders is very important and requires special technology. The industrial powder sieving application of electric rotary vibrating sieve makes it possible to efficiently sieve the powder and collect it according to the specified particle size. There are several factors to consider when selecting a vibro sieving machine for  sievinging powders.



How to select a suitable rotary vibrating sieve machines?


There are three basic considerations we need to know when selecting a rotary vibrating sieve machine for industrial powder sieving functions. If you have used this products, just tell us the model and size and we will quick send you the quotation and services for you.


1. Features of the powder. The consistency of the powder can be different: from dust to fine-grained rounded grains. In principle, a rotary vibrating sieve can be used to sort any type of powder. It is important to consider whether the powder viscosity so as to consider the different cleaning methods. we also have to consider the density, shape and sieving capacity of the sieving purpose.

2. Purpose of sorting. Sorting can be done in order to isolate certain large particles from the powder, or for their further calibration.

3. Powder size. The use of a rotary vibrating sieve makes it possible to sort powder up to 500 mesh. and we need to know how many sizes and the basice Proportion of each sizes.


Rotary Vibrating Sieve Machine Factory Custom Services


Rotary vibrating sieve machine custom services like dust cover, inlet feeding, output connections etc.


By these and we can Preliminary selection the suitable vibrating sieve machines for you, and we also have to communicating the voltage, workspace requirements (limit or not), working time, using frequency, how to feed the sieving powders, height of the machine and each output to the ground, how many Sieving materials, fixed or mobile, structure materials etc. finally, we will choose a right powder sieving machine for you.




After all, the rotary vibrating sieve is a unique device that is indispensable for sorting powders of any consistency and size. When using a vibro sieving machine, it is necessary to monitor its condition and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Only with proper operation and maintenance, the rotary vibrating sieve will serve for a long time and properly.

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