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Efficient Rotary Vibrating Screen Machine Maintenance


Rotary vibrating screen is a kind of vibro sieving machine for granulated, powder, solid liquid material sieving and filtering functions. During using course, the clients may suffer the following issues: 1. the sieving material gather in the middle of screen mesh and the material can’t discharge quick or cannot discharge. 2. the material discharge too slow, 3. The screen mesh clogged, 4. the sieving capacity can’t meet the client demands. The following is the maintenance suggest for you.


Efficient Rotary Vibrating Screen Machine Maintenance


Efficient rotary vibrating screen machine maintenance processing


First, let us discuss the 1 problem. When the material is gathered in the middle of the screen mesh, please check the motor rotation direction. In general, the motor rotate reversely, the material can run to the flange of screen mesh. We adjust the motor rotation direction when EX-factory. And we also will do the operating test for the vibrating sieve machine. But if you still occur the material can’t discharge, please operate as per above demand.


Efficient Rotary Vibrating Screen Machine Maintenance


If the material discharging is too slow, the vibration force for the vibrating sieving machine is not strong. you can adjust the eccentric weight mounted on the motor angle. The material present different running trajectory when the angle is 30 degree, 45 degree , 60 degree and 90 degree. You can adjust according to the sieving demand. If you suffer the screen mesh seriously clogged, need to consider the screen mesh hole size, material feature etc factor. As for the powder sieving capacity cannot meet customer demands, there are many factors, first, whether uniform feeding for the vibrating sieve machine, humidity of the powder, Sieve screen mesh slack and so on.


Efficient Rotary Vibrating Screen Machine Maintenance

Efficient Rotary Vibrating Screen Machine for powder sieving applications.


The vibrating sieve machine need to maintenance and change the spare parts after using for a while so as to ensure the efficient sieving operation. If you need to increase the material sieving capacity or getting more qualified materials, better communicating with the professional suppliers. Reeger Machinery is an experienced vibrating sieve machine factory manufacturer and supplier in China. We can free offer you the technical support for your issues about the vibrating screen machines. Any questions just contact us for more info!

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