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Order an Efficient and High Quality Vibrating Sieve Machine for Powder Sieving


All customers want to buy a high quality and efficient vibrating sieve machines for their powder materials sieving functions. So, the key is how to selecting a suitable and right vibrating sieving machines and what are the main Purchase elements need to take into considerations. The following are our basic suggest elements for your refer. hope useful for your powder sieving applications.



1. The Type of Vibrating Screen

When applying the vibrating sieve machine for screening powders, the suitable type of vibrating sieving machine should be selected based on the specific requirements of the material. For examples, The screening process for iron powder usually requires a high frequency vibrating screen or a rotary vibrating screen. Both types of vibrating screens can achieve high accuracy and efficiency in terms of screening efficiency and throughput. So, we will selecting different types.


2. The Material Feed and Discharge

Another important factor to consider when selecting a suitable vibrating sieving sifter machine for powder screening is the material feed and discharge. The material needs to be fed uniformly to the screening machine to ensure accurate screening results. The discharge method should also be considered – whether it is a simple discharge, a vibrating discharge, or a material collecting funnel discharge.


3. The Deck Number of the Vibrating Screen

The deck number of the vibrating screen machine is also an important factor to consider. The more the deck number, the more the screen mesh, and the greater the screening accuracy. However, the higher the deck number, the lower the processing capacity will be. Therefore, it is important to find a balance between good screening performance and high processing capacity.


4. The Size and Shape of the Sieving Particles

When screening, the shape and size of the particles matter. To screen the powder efficiently, the shape and size of the particles should be consistent. If the particles are too small or too large, the mesh openings of the screen will be blocked, which will affect the screening performance.


5. The Screen Mesh

The screen mesh of the circular vibrating screen is another important factor to consider. The mesh size should be selected based on the particle size and the required screening efficiency. We always suggest customer do a Particle size analysis like sample powder sieving testing or accurate Measurement the particle sizes and selecting additional screen mesh ensure the final sieving efficiency and accuracy.  The screen mesh should also be made of high-quality materials with good hardness, abrasion resistance, and anti-corrosion performance.


6. The Vibration Mode

Finally, the vibration mode of the vibrating screen should be considered. The high-frequency vibrating sieve has a high-frequency vibration mode, which can effectively reduce the surface tension of the particles and improve the particle penetration rate. very suitable for the heavy duty, not very fine materials sieving. On the other hand, the tumbler screening machine has a horizontal rotary vibration mode, The basic rotary motion is similar to manual sieving and Horizontal and throwing three-dimensional tumbling motion, which can ensure that all particles are evenly distributed on the screen surface, so that it spreads axially with a spiral motion. Fine particles by this moving ways complete the entire screening process. thereby enhancing the screening efficiency and accuracy.



Efficient and High Quality Vibrating Sieve Machine for Powder Sieving

Order an Efficient and High Quality Vibrating Sieve Machine for Powder Sieving

Different types of Vibrating Sieve Machine for Powder Sieving show.




Above are the basic of our purchasing suggestions for the vibrating sieve machines. At the same time, the vibrating screen should be made of high-quality materials, have good corrosion resistance, low working energy cost, stable and durable sieving conditions, and be easy to maintain. By considering these factors, you can select a suitable circular vibrating screen for your powder screening that meets your specific requirements. Welcome Contact Us for more info!

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