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Lime milk sieving circular vibrating sifter machine


The circular vibrating sifter machine is a high precision vibro powder screening equipment with following advantages: low noise, high efficiency, quick changing sieve only 3-5 minutes, fully enclosed structure etc. The circular vibrating sifter is suitable for screening grain, flour, mucus and other materials sieving and filtering.



Why circular vibrating sifter widely applied for the lime milk powder sieving industry?  we need to know some basic about the feature of the lime milk powder. Lime milk is commonly called as slaked lime or slaked lime, a white solid, slightly soluble in water, and its aqueous solution is often named lime water. During the making of the milk of lime, some insoluble impurities are generated and some sandstones are also entrained. They existed in the milk of lime in form different particle quality During the transportation process, some small lime slags flow quickly in the pump and pipeline, these particle not only block the pump and pipeline valves, increase the filtration load, damage the equipment, but also cause the post-reaction and post-reaction in the process section, which seriously affect Normal production and on-site operation. So removing these solid particle impurities is very important for lime emulsion. At this time, the vibrating screen will play important role. Because the vibrating sifting machine is used to remove the impurities.

High Efficient Circular Vibrating Sifter Machine for Powder Sieving Application

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