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Markup Powder Sieving Rotary Vibrating Sifter Machine


One of Indonesia client from markup powder industry demand us to recommend a set rotary vibrating sifter to help them remove the impurity of raw material and achieve the markup powder sieving and grading functions. We recommend the following solution:


Sieving Material: Makeup powder
Mesh size: 0.47mm
Layer: 1 layer
Capacity: 100kg/h
Model: R800-1S Rotary Vibrating Sifter
Machine material: stainless 304
Cleaning net way: bouncing balls



The rotary vibrating sifter machine should high efficiency and accuracy. Considering the higher value of client’s material, to avoid the problem of machine hiding powder, we will adopt the sticky screen to sieve, and equip the bouncing ball cleaning device, prevent the mesh plug. The sticky screen technic is complicated, so it’s cost is higher compared hooping screen. But if you would like to make the sticky screen by yourself, we also can provide the tool and guide you to do. It may take you more times to do sticky screen. So, selecting a suitable and right vibrating sieve machine is really important and necessary.



Reeger machinery not only can provide single powder sieving machine or conveying product, but also can provide integral solution of production line. We can provide the matching before and after product of sieving and conveying line, such as mixer, packaging line, drying machine etc.e.g  sand stone processing line, BSF processing line, Baobab powder processing line etc.

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