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High Screening Efficiency Vibro Sieving Machine


There are traditionally non-vibrating screens consisting of fixed screens with a large inclination. When vibration type of powder sieving machine is introduced, the product vibrates and the particles jump and do not slide on the screen surface. Each jump is a particle trying to pass through a hole, which is much more likely to happen if the machine vibrates. In other words, the vibrating sieve machine effectiveness is much greater.


High Screening Efficiency Vibro Sieving Machine


Vibro Sieving Machine Features


When a particle jumps and falls again, it can do so in a hole or an area without holes. If the screening element is a wire mesh, the particle may fall on the wire or another particle without squeezing through the holes it should pass through. That’s why no screen has an efficiency of 100, because it takes an infinite number of jumps for the holes to actually leak all the smaller particles. The concept of screening efficiency is clear: it is the weight percent of particles that actually pass through the pore divided by the total number that should be screened.


High Screening Efficiency Vibro Sieving Machine


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