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High Efficient Tumbler Screen Machine Advantages


Tumbler screening machine is a large output, high efficient and high accuracy powder sieving machine different than the normal vibro sieving machines. It is a kind of inertial equipment with mature technology and classical application. It’s working principle: The tumbler screener is the most effective simulation to manual sieving principle (sieving accuracy, efficiency, sieve mesh life is 5-10 times than normal round vibrating sieve machine). The retention time of each raw material can be adjusted based on the radial direction & corner cut with the driving axis. Thus, it produces horizontal and throwing three-dimensional motion. The raw materials scatter from center to the edge of the sieve mesh. So the fine particles spread screw motion to the axis direction. Finally, the sieving process finish. So the tumbler screening machine has little loss for material when sieving.


High Efficient Tumbler Screen Machine Advantages


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High Efficient Tumbler Screen Machine Advantages


Reeger machinery devote to client demand and provide quality and commercial prices tumbler screening machines to meet the client powder sieving production line requirement. Meanwhile, we also provide the whole set sieving, conveying, packing etc solution. If you have need, welcome to contact us for more details.

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