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Abnormal Noise in Vibrating Screen Machine during Material Screening Reaseons


Vibrating screen machine, also called rotary vibrating screen, is an effective vibro sieving machine tool for material screening and grading in various industries, such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, and mining. However, sometimes the vibrating screen may generate abnormal noise during operation, which can interfere with production efficiency, safety, and quality. In this article, we will explore the possible causes and solutions for this problem.


Different types of vibrating screen machine


Causes of Vibrating Screen Machine Abnormal Noise


1. Loose or Worn Parts: Vibrating screen machine is composed of many parts, including the motor, screen frame, screen mesh, springs, bearings, and seals. Any loose or worn part can create vibration or impact that produces noise. For example, a loose bolt or nut in the motor mount can cause the motor to vibrate and shake the screen frame. A worn spring can reduce the resilience of the screen mesh and increase the impact force when materials hit the screen.

2. Damaged Screen Mesh: The vibrating sieve machine screen mesh is the critical component that separates the material particles of different sizes. If the screen mesh is damaged or worn out, it may produce irregular vibration, friction, or clogging, which can lead to noise. For example, small particles may get stuck in the gaps or holes of the mesh, creating scratching or rubbing noise. Large particles may hit the mesh with force, causing banging or cracking noise.

3. Unbalanced Loading: When the materials are loaded unevenly or excessively, the vibrating screen machine may be tilted or overloaded, causing the motor to strain and the screen to shake or vibrate abnormally. This can not only generate noise but also damage the screen and other parts.



Industrial Vibrating Screen Machine Details Parts


Fine powder sieving industrial vibrating screen machine details show.


Above are three main causing reaseons for the vibrating screening machine abnormal noises. Just visiting the industrial vibrating screen machine testing and inspection articles, you will learn more about the solving solutions for the abnormal noise. You can also contact us for more info.

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