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Vibrating Screen Machine Operational Steps


Vibrating Screen Machine is a kind of Powder screening machine that uses exciting force to separate materials with different particle sizes. It consists of screen frame, vibrator motor, spring, screen deck  and other parts.



Vibrating Screen Machine Advantages


Vibrating screen machine has the advantages of reliable structure, strong excitation force, high screening efficiency, small vibration noise, good sealability, no dust leakage and easy maintenance. In addition, with the development of technology, the complex trajectory of material movement on the screen surface has been improved greatly, greatly increasing the production capacity of the circular vibrating screens.


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The operational flow for vibrating screen includes the following steps:


1. Start the circular vibrating screen machine. Check whether the vibration motor is firmly fixed and whether the voltage is normal and whether the current is balanced.

2. Add materials. The material should be uniform and evenly distributed on the vibrating sieve machine screen surface. If it is inclined and not properly distributed, it is likely to cause the screen network to jam.

3. Start the vibrator. Adjust the eccentric weight and angle of vibrating motor to make the screen body produce a circular movement with a certain amplitude.

4. Start feeding. Turn on the feeder (screw conveyor feeding, vacuum conveyor feeding or manual feeding) and adjust its feeding amount according to the actual production situation.

5. Adjust the excitation force. According to the size of the material, the excitation force should be adjusted to ensure the effect of screening.

6. Start unloading. Turn on the mechanism of unloading output and adjust its Feeding amount in time.

7. After the screening is completed, stop the feeding first and then stop the vibration motor. Finish the work.


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