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Powder Sieving Circular Vibrating Sifter Machine Features and Advantages


Circular vibrating sifter is a kind of material sieving machine which can be used for solid, liquid and powder material sieving. According to different sifting material features, the vibratory sifter’s material can be carbon steel, contact part stainless, and full stainless. If it is used for good grade powder sifting, the material generally is SUS 304 or SUS316 material. The max screen deck can be up to 5 layers and has 6 sizes outlets. The processing techinic can be polishing, sand blasting, drawing to meet different industry standard demand. The vibrating sifter machine sieve mesh can be 2-500 mesh. Normal screen mesh cleaning is by the bouncing balls and When the material fineness is beyond 200 mesh, we recommend the client to increase ultrasonic system to reduce clogging and cleaning mesh.



The vibrating sifter powder sieving machine has advantages of Low energy consumption, high powder sieving efficiency and accuracy. Full closed mechanical structure and no dust flying. Sieving accuracy reach to 400 mesh, 6 layers. Simple and convenient for changing and cleansing mesh screen. Less blocking of mesh screen so as for long working time. Automatic discharge of impurities and coarse materials, continuous operation for large loading capacity.



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