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Large Sieving Capacity Vibro Sifter Machine


For the Electric vibro sifter machine, there is a basic knowledge that The greater the number of products you intend to sort, the more surfaces you need to screen. The Effective screening area of the vibro sieving machine is the key factor deciding the powder sieving efficiency, accuracy and capacity. The most immediate symptom of a screen becoming too small is that it reduces its effectiveness because it simply cannot hold so many particles through the holes. On the other hand, the smaller the size to be sorted, the larger the surface required, since the smaller the hole, the smaller the amount of product that can pass through.



The proper selection of the vibrating screen machine depends on the material, number of layers, every mesh size, capacity, material moisture, viscous and corrosive etc; Thank you again for your visiting and Just email us Now!


different type of industrial powder sieving electric vibratory sifter machine.

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