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Large Capacity Powder Sieving Rotary Vibro Sifter Machine


Industrial Powder Sieving Rotary Vibro Sifter Machine has many types according to the sieving capacity, accuracy, sieving materials features and commercial cost. This type of vibrating sieve machine is the linear type vibration screen and is suitable for screening almost all kinds of dry powder or particle materials (size from 0.07mm to 20 mm or larger). and the following is some basic features about the linear type vibrating screen machine.



We can design at most 6 layers for the linear vibrating screen for grading 7 different powder sizes. Considering the commercial cost and powder sieving capacity and efficiency reasons, 3 layers vibro sieving machine is highly recommended. The voltage can be 220/380V are available. 50 or 60Hz.1 or 3 phase. and we can also custom for the voltage. For the mechanical structure materials, 4 materials available, all stainless steel 304 or 316 or touching part SUS304 or carbon steel. the linear vibrating screen machine has advantages of large powder screening capacity, small volume, high screening efficiency, high frequency, easily changed screen and good safe performance. It is widely used for screening, grading and filtering, separating and classifying and sieving of powders, pellets, granule. This type of vibrating sieve machine has been used in food, chemical, construction, paper-making, metallurgy and mining, abrasive and ceramic industry etc.



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