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Industrial Vibrating Sieve Machine Abnormal Noise Solutions


Industrial Vibrating Sieve Machine may cause the Abnormal Noise when working for some time. this is the signal that the vibro sieving machine needs maintenance. and the following are some main efficient Solutions for the abnormal noise solving of the vibrating sieve machines.



Industrial Vibrating Sieve Machine Abnormal Noise Solving  Solutions


1. Tightening or Replacing Loose or Worn Parts: Regular inspection and maintenance of the vibrating screen machine can prevent or detect the problem of loose or worn parts. Once identified, the parts should be tightened or replaced promptly. For example, bolts or nuts can be tightened with the appropriate torque or replaced with new ones. Springs can be adjusted or replaced to ensure the proper tension and resilience. Bearings and seals can be lubricated or replaced to reduce friction and noise.

2. Repairing or Replacing Damaged Screen Mesh: The screen mesh should be checked regularly for damage or wear. If any hole, tear, or deformation is found, the mesh should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. The repair can be done by patching the damaged area with a similar or stronger material, such as stainless steel or polyurethane. The replacement can be done by installing a new mesh with the correct size and aperture.

3. Adjusting the Loading Balance: The materials should be fed evenly and at the appropriate rate and quantity to ensure the balanced loading of the screen. If the loading is unbalanced, the feeding mechanism or conveyor can be adjusted or repaired. If the loading is excessive, the material flow can be reduced or diverted to another screen or storage bin.





Industrial Vibrating Sieve Machine Maintenance Importance


Abnormal noise in the circular vibrating sieve machine during material screening can be annoying, dangerous, and costly if not addressed properly. By understanding the causes and solutions of this problem, the operators and maintainers of the vibrating screen can minimize the risk of downtime and damage and maximize the productivity and quality of the screened materials. Regular inspection, maintenance, and repair can also extend the lifespan of the vibrating screen machine and reduce the overall cost of ownership.

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