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Glucose Powder Sieving Vibrating Screen Machine Application


Food Grade glucose powder sieving vibrating screen machine is one kind of vibro powder seperatoring equipment. The glucose powder basic gravity is 0.8 and the most normal particle size is about 6 meshes or 20 meshes. the vibro sieving machine for the glucose powder can be linear type and rotary type. generally we recommend the rotary type vibrating screen machines. Can be more efficient and accuracy for the glucose powder sieving functions. The sieving capacity of the glucose powder can up be 2t/h output.



Vibrating Screen Machine Components


The basic components of the vibrating screen machine are: anti dust cover, screen mesh, screen frame, mesh,clamp ring, bouncing balls, maintenance tools, charging port, discharging port,vibrating motor, screen base etc.


Glucose Powder Sieving Vibrating Screen Machine factory manufacturing main componments parts.


glucose powder sieving machine advantages


This type of Glucose Powder Sieving Vibrating Screen Machine apply the New grid structure and Low noise High screening efficiency Full enclosed, the screen has a long service life, and it only takes 3-5 minutes to change the screen; high screening accuracy and high efficiency; parts have no dead ends, easy to thoroughly clean and disinfect; single-layer multi-layer screen can be used; small size does not occupy Space, easy to move, the outlet can be adjusted 360 degrees; all parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel; the material is automatically discharged and can be operated continuously; the fully enclosed dust does not fly, the liquid does not leak, and the mesh is not blocked.the sieving can be up to 500um or 0.028mm.



Reeger Machinery can also custom and provide the vacuum feeding conveyor for your glucose powder feeding or the screw conveyors dust free feeder station. and we also offer the powder drying machine, industrial mixing machine etc. Just contact us for more info.

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