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Food Grade Cheese Powder Vibrating Sieving Machine


The stainless steel food grade cheese powder sieving rotary vibrating sieve machine is an efficient vibro sieving machine greatly increase the cheese powder sieving efficiency and accuracy. also mainly apply for other food grade industrial powder sieving functions. Also equip with the Food grade silicone bouncing balls, sealing strips and so on. Following is about the rotary vibrating sieve apply for cheese powder sieving.




Food Grade Cheese Powder Sieving Vibrating Sieving Machine Case


Cheese powder is derived from the curdled milk casein composition, the main raw material is skim milk. One of our client demand a vibro sieving machine to grading cheese powder with 42mesh, 80 mesh and 100 mesh. The sieving capacity is 200kg/h. According to client demand and our previous experience, we recommend the following solution:


Material: Cheese powder
Machine model: R600 – Rotary Vibrating Sieve Machine
Layer: 3 layers
Screen mesh: 42 mesh, 80 mesh, 100 mesh
Power: 0.18kw
Machine material: All stainless steel 304 or contact material part stainless
Function: grading
Cleaning way: bouncing ball
Spare sieve mesh one set


Food Grade Cheese Powder Vibrating Sieving Machine



Because cheese powder is food, so the vibrating sieve machine material need to accord with food sanitary standard. The material is full stainless 304 or material contact part stainless 304. Consider the client use high frequency, we recommend the client to prepare one set spare sieve mesh. After Reciving the vibrating sieve machine, the customer is certificated with the cheese powder sieving results, especially about the sieving efficiency and capacity.


Food Grade Cheese Powder Vibrating Sieving Machine

Food Grade Cheese Powder Vibrating Sieving Machine equip with vacuum feeding conveyor.



We also can supply with the vacuum feeding conveyor for environmental dust free for the cheese powder conveyoring equip with the vibrating sieve machine. Just Contact Us for more info!

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