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Artificial Graphite Sieving Tumbler Screening Machine


Electric tumbler screening machine is an efficient fine powder sieving machine suitable for fine and superfine particles, powder and other materials classification and removal of impurities. applied for almost all industries like Chemical industry, Abrasive material and ceramic industry, Food industry, Paper-making industry, Metallurgy and mining industry, Mechanical industry and so on.



One of our Malaysia client would like a powder sieving machine to sieve the artificial graphite, and he demand the output 300kg per hour, and the sieve mesh is 270 mesh. Compared with natural graphite, the artificial graphite is more difficult for sieving. It not only have 270mesh, there are also 300 mesh, 325 mesh, 350 mesh and 400 mesh. The normal vibrating sieve machine is not suitable and According to client demand, we recommend the dia 1000mm ultrasonic system tumbler screening machine with one layer sieve mesh 270mesh. The tumbler screen machine material is stainless steel. The motor power is 1.5kw.



When our customer received the tumbler screen and Put into graphite sieving after debugging, The sieving capacity, efficiency and artificial graphite size accuracy are all very good. Better than his normal vibro sieving machines. Getting a well commercial benefits. And also, the tumbler screening machine is easy maintenance, durable and long working life and will save more during the future use.

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