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Tumbler Screening Machine Chemical Industrial Sieving Apply


YBS-Tumbler screening machine for chemical industrial sieving applications is a new type of powder sieving machine specially designed for small-scale batches of granular materials. Its main features are as follows.



Tumbler Screening Machine Factory details




Tumbler Screening Machine Advantages


Firstly, the sieving speed of the tumbler screening machine is fast. Its dual-axis high-frequency vibration exciter can greatly enhance the sieving efficiency. The sieving time can be shortened by more than 3 times compared with the traditional vibrating sieving machines.


Secondly, the smaller the material particles, the better the sieving effect. The single-layer sieve design of YBS-tumbler screening machine has the advantages of large sieving area, not easy to block and high sieving accuracy.


Finally, YBS-tumbler screen has a high degree of automation. It is equiped with PLC system (together with the vacuum conveyor system for feeding ) to realize intelligent control and continuous feeding of materials, which further improves the sieving effect.


Large Capacity Tumbler Screening Machine Factory Sieving Applications.


In summary, YBS-Tumbler screening machine is a perfect choice for small batches of granular materials sieving functions due to its excellent sieving speed, accuracy and degree of automation. Welcome contact us for more info.

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