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Stainless Steel linear Vibrating Screen Machine Usage Tips


Stainless steel linear vibrating screen machine is an efficient vibro sieving machine mainly consists of screen frame, screen mesh, vibration motor, support springs, bouncing balls, sealings and other components. It is suitable for screening various materials with a particle size of 0.05-10mm, such as beans, quartz sand, ore, coal, lime, etc. with simple structures, easy operating and long working life advantages.



The following are some usage tips for stainless steel linear vibrating screen:


1. Pre-check: Before operating the machine, check whether the bolts are tight, whether the screen mesh is damaged, and whether the motor is running smoothly.

2. Start-up: After starting the machine, observe whether the rotary direction of the motor is the same as the direction indicated by the arrow on the machine.

3. Feeding: When feeding materials onto the screen, do not overload it, as this will cause the machine to vibrate excessively and affect its performance.

4. Cleaning: After use, clean the machine thoroughly to prevent rust and damage to the screen mesh.



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