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Screw Extrusion Solid-Liquid Separator


The screw extrusion solid-liquid separator is mainly used to treat raw materials with large fiber and many impurities with advantages of large loading capacity, high working efficiency and durable long working time. the screw press manure dewatering solid liquid separator is suitable for dehydration of non fluid materials such as slag, fiber and algae, such as chicken manure and poultry manure, which contains chicken feathers.



The solid matter of the feces treated by the screw extrusion solid-liquid separator contains about 40% of water, and is not lumped, does not produce water, and is fluffy. It can be piled up and can also be directly returned to the field for use. The equipment cost is low and the maintenance is convenient, It is suitable for individual breeding.


Screw Extrusion Manure Dewatering Solid-Liquid Separator working diagram show

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