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Rubber Powder Sieving Electric Vibratory Sifter


Rubber Powder Sieving Vibratory Sifter introduction not only solve the rubber powder sieving efficiency and accuracy, but also caster to national environment protection policy demand in recent year. It improve the factory working environment, and increase the enterprise competition force. So many clients in waste treatment industry begin to pay attention to the electric vibratory sifter.



One of client from Africa would like to use the vibratory sifter to sieve 80 mesh rubber powder, the capacity they demand is 500kg/h. According to client demand, we recommend dia 1200mm vibro sieving machine with one layer. The sifter machine mechancial body material is carbon steel and equip the rubber ball for screen mesh cleaning system. Meanwhile, the client said they also need the packing machine, so we also provide the matching rubber powder packing machine for the client.



Reeger machinery is devoted to the powder sieving and conveying equipment providing and solution design. We not only provide the single product, but also provide the matching product for you, such as mixing, packing, crushing etc. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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