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Rotary Drum Screen Machine Working Principle


The rotary drum screen machine mainly adopts the cross flow filtering principle to feed the materials into the rotating screen barrel tangentially through the feeding device, and the coarse particles rapidly settle to the inner wall of the roller screen. The rotary drum screen machine is a standard coarse powder sieving and filtering machines. Because the rotation of the screen barrel drives the material layer settled on the inner wall to tilt upward and roll, so that the material layer resistance of the upper suspension is significantly reduced and the screen passes quickly. The solid particles that do not pass the screen are discharged along the axis of the screen barrel under the force of gravity and spiral guide, As a result, the filtrate flows down the screen slot, and the material layer is axially led out by the spiral blade.



The main working device for coarse slime dewatering is a roller drum screen with a diameter of 30m and a length of 50m. The screen gap is 0.125cm, and the allowable error is 20~30 microns Sieve wire is 2mmx 3mm stainless steel wedge wire, and spiral guide vanes are installed inside the screen barrel.



The rotary drum screening system is mainly composed of mixing drum, slurry pump, flowmeter, feeding device and roller screen. The slurry pump will feed the slurry in the mixing drum into the roller screen through the feeding device, and the products on and under the screen screened by the roller drum screen will flow back to the mixing drum for mixing, so as to ensure the continuous process.

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