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Powder Conveying Vertical Spiral Elevator Conveyor Application


Vertical spiral elevator can be equipped with slotting and feeding structures. In addition to lifting materials, it can also dry and cool materials. It is used in many fields of food, feed, chemical technology and pharmaceutical industry. The vertical vibration elevator is used for conveying and lifting powdery, blocky and short fiber materials, and can be used for feeding such as filling machines. The screw spiral elevator is durable and maintenance free (without lubrication or regular inspection), and is specially developed to meet the current environmental requirements, such as reducing noise, dust and odor.



Vertical Spiral Elevator Application show


Food industry: sugar powder, starch, milk powder, egg powder, rice powder, food additive, seasoning, spice etc.
Chemical industry: fertilizer, detergent powder, sodium carbonate, talcum powder, dyestuff, rubber, PVC resin, pigment, cosmetics, coatings, Chinese medicine powder etc.
Metal and metallurgy industry: copper powder, nickle powder, aluminum powder, ceruse, ore alloy powder, welding powder, battery material, abrasive powder, fire-proof material etc.
Other industries: paper-making, mining, pharmaceutical industries etc.

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