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Microwave Dryer Machine Working Principle


Microwave drying machine is an important type of energy-saving industrial material drying equipment. It is a new type of drying equipment that makes full use of the principles of microwave technology and far-infrared combination. The internal structure of the microwave dryer machine mainly includes two parts: microwave source and microwave processing box. It can be used for drying and sterilization of food, chemical products, medical products, industrial materials, agricultural and sideline products and other materials.


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Microwave Dryer Machine Working Principle


The working principle of microwave dryer machine is mainly based on the principle of different microwaves and materials of different materials. Under the action of microwave electric field, the orientation of the dipole moment changes in the material, making the electric field of the material a circular polarization electric field. Since the radiation characteristics of the electric field are different from those of the electric field, when the electric field penetrates into the material, the loss of the electric field will be different from the surface of the material and from the inner layer, so the heating of the material will be different in depth. When the microwave energy is absorbed by the material, it will be converted into thermal energy to achieve the purpose of drying and sterilization. This microwave drying working functions make the microwave dryer machine drying applications more efficient, energy saving and quality final products. welcome email and contact us for more info!

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