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Automatic Microwave Dryer Machine for Insects Drying


Insects Drying Microwave Dryer Machine working process


The insects drying microwave dryer machine working process is: When the equipment running, the microwave is first generated by the microwave generator, and the feeding device is input into the microwave heater; the material is sent to the microwave heating chamber by the transmission system, and the moisture in the material is heated and evaporated under the action of the microwave energy, and the water vapor passes. The dehumidification system is eliminated to achieve the purpose of drying. The bacteria in the material are killed by the biological and thermal effects produced by the microwave electromagnetic field. Since the microwave acts directly on the material, the drying temperature is low and the speed is fast, and the loss of the active ingredient in the material is small.


Automatic Microwave Dryer Machine for Insects Drying


This type of the powder dryer machine is efficient and greatly make sure the quality and well color of the drying materials. Reeger Machinery experienced in the BSF insects drying microwave dryer machines, equip with our vibro sieving machines for the BSF sieving, we can also free design the whole processing lines for the BSF insects handling. If you also interested in the BSF handling equipments, Just contact us and we will send you more info!

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