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Linear Vibrating Sieve Machine Working Principle


The linear vibrating sieve machine working principle is: The screen box consists of screen bodies and sieve deck. It is driven by two common mechanical vibration motors, which rotate in synchrony and reversely to produce a composite direction of vibration in the horizontal and vertical directions. The sieve bed bouncing and shaking also causes particles to move forward when the material passes through the sieve deck. Large particles are blocked on the surface of the sieve, and the small particles pass through the sieve to complete the screening process.


Linear Vibrating Sieve Machine Different Types


This type of linear vibrating screen is mainly made up of screen box, vibrator and damping springs.


Linear Vibrating Sieve Machine Factory Supplier

Linear Vibrating Sieve Machine Factory Details Picture Show.


Linear Vibrating Sieve Machine Advantages

Linear vibrating sieve machine not only has the advantages of large production capacity and fast screening speed, but also has the advantages of less noise, no dust overflow and no clogging. It can be used for dry, wet and dehydration sieving operations. It is suitable for chemical, food, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, ceramic, abrasive, refractory and other industries.

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