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Industrial Mixing 3D Powder Mixer Machine Factory


3D powder mixer machine, also known as three-dimensional mixer, is a kind of three-dimensional powder mixing machine for large-scale powder mixing in the industry applications. The mixer machine has a variety of models and specifications for customers to choose from.


3D Powder Mixer Machine working principle


3D mixer is a three-dimensional mixing equipment uses mixing bucket, which is generally U-shaped or stepped, equipped with outer and inner paddles to achieve three-dimensional mixing effect. The size and shape of the bucket make it possible to mix the material at any angle, ensuring the uniformity of the mixture within the given time. At the same time the stirring speed is adjustable and the speed regulation range is wide.



3D Powder Mixer Machine Industrial Mixing Applications


The main components of 3D mixer machine include main structure body, stirring system, temperature measurement system and electrical control system. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, convenient operation, uniform mixing, large loading capacity, short mixing time and strong applicability. It is suitable for mixing of all kinds of powder materials such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, feed and building materials, etc.


High Mixing Speed 3D Powder Mixer Machine main mixing materials.


3D Powder Mixer Machine Advantages


In general, 3D mixer machine has the characteristics of high mixing accuracy, simple structure, convenient external feeding and discharging, reliable safety and stable operation. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, Chemical, Spices, dye, pigment, food, building materials and other industries for material mixing and blending. By running fluently and stably, 3D powder mixer machine can effectively improve production efficiency and save energy.

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