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How to choose Insects Drying Microwave Dryer Machine?


Microwave Dryer Machine Introduction


Insects drying microwave dryer machine is a multi-tube tunnel microwave machine consisting of microwave heater, microwave generator, microwave
suppressor, mechanical transmission mechanism, exhausting and dehumidifying system and automatic control system. The main components of the
equipment are all Made of 304# stainless steel, it conforms to the GMP standard of pharmaceutical equipment. The whole machine adopts modular
design, easy to clean and easy to operate.



Insects Drying Microwave Dryer Machine choosing Attention


1.No deformed cracking: In tradition drying methods, it has wastes due to distortion, cracking and rot. Microwave dryer machine infltrates to evaporate the
interior moisture in short time and produce a spreading pressure to push moisture comes to the surface quickly.

2.Uniform drying: Its drying result is uniform moisture in horizontal levels of wood is absolutely same. Verically, moisture near surface is
higher than the core which is good in aplication.

3.High eficiency and energy saving: Fast drying speed. Uniform and complete drying, no dstortin, no cracking and no hard- ening. Kills insects,
insect proof, mould proof, rot proof for long storage time. High eficiency and lower energy about 30%.

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