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how the tomato seeds sieving and grading by the vibrating sieve machine?


Tomato seeds sieving and grading Vibrating sieve machine is a commonly used vibro sieving machine for particle material sieving, classifying and filterations. with advantages of large sieving capacity and high efficiency advnatages. and is often widely used for other agriculture seeds cleaning and grading. Here are the steps for sieving and grading tomato seeds by vibrating sieve machine.




Tomato seeds sieving and grading process by the vibrating sieve machine


Customers first should do a basic check for the vibrating sieve machine, including the screws, sealing rings, bouncing balls, vibrating motors all should in well conditions, and then do a total cleaning of the sieve machine, including the dust cover, screen frame, screen mesh, bouncing balls, sealing rings, input and output etc. all these are ready and then we connecting the powder and open the vibrating sieve machine without any materails,  Observe the operation and whether there is noise and then we take some tomato seeds as the testing examples put these onto the screen mesh of the sieving machine, when all is working well and then we can put this machine for normal tomato seeds sieving work with large capacity and continue feeding.



how the tomato seeds sieving and grading by the vibrating sieve machine?



When we do the tomato seeds sample sieving test, During the sieving process, observe the discharge port above the sieve frame and the collection container below the sieve mesh to ensure good sieving results without over-sieving or under-sieving. Sometimes we also need to adjust the vibration parameters, vibration motors and find the most efficient sieving conditions for the kinds of tomato seeds sieving. When applying for the large sieving process, tomato seeds uniform feeding onto the screen mesh of the vibrating sieve machine is important and necessary. never sudden too many or too little feeding materials.



Above are the operating process and attentions of sieving and grading of tomato seeds by vibrating sifter machines. During the sieving process, it is important to operate carefully to avoid damaging the seed structure or causing errors. there are also many using tips and operation manuals for better operating the sieve machines. If you want to learn more about the powder sieving machines, Just Contact Us and we will send you more working videos and pictures for your refer!


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