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How roller drum screen machine separating the coal slurry?


How roller drum screen machine sieving the coal slurry? Firstly we need to know the coal slurry sieving processing. The screening process is an important processing link of the coal preparation plant, which mainly includes particle size classification, dehydration, desliming and disintermediation of coal. Through screening, the moisture of coal preparation products can be removed and reduced, and water resources can be recycled; the vibro screening machine can also remove fine slime, reduce the pollution of coal slime to the medium system, and reduce the pollution of high ash fine slime to the cleaned coal products; It can also reduce the viscosity of washing water of subsequent washing equipment, which is conducive to the separation of fine coal, thus improving the separation efficiency.



At present, the main equipment used for dewatering and classification of coarse slime in coal preparation plant is roller drum screen machine or also called trommel screen machine. The screen hole of the rotary drum screen is not easy to be blocked, and it is easy to install and clean the screen; Stable operation, sealable, low noise, no splash, good working environment; Simple structure, convenient maintenance, low power consumption.

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