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High Efficient Tumbler Screening Machine


Round tumbler screening machine is a high efficiency powder sieving machine different than the normal vibrating sieving machines. It can be used for different state material separation. It can remove large size particle , or remove small impurity. According to different material features, the machine material can be carbon steel, contact part stainless and full stainless. But for food grade vibro sieving machines, it’s material have sanitary standard demand with full stainless or at least material contact part stainless.


High Efficient Tumbler Screening Machine


Tumbler screen simulates manual sieving principle and generates three-dimensional tumbling motion (elliptical movement) that enables screening of fine & ultra-fine particles with ease. The elliptical movement sets radial & tangential inclination. The screening material on the screen mesh spreads evenly on the whole surface from the center towards the periphery. The radial inclination makes the screening material move from center to outwards & tangential inclination makes material move in a circular pattern, thus a spiral movement is achieved. Fine particles pass through from the center while coarse particles travel outwards in a circular pattern on the periphery & are discharged from the discharging port. Besides tumble screen have large capacity, so we recommend the tumbler screening machine for the client.


High Efficient Tumbler Screening Machine large sieving capacity high efficient tumbler screening machine for fine powder sieving application show.

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