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Heavy Duty Powder Screening Machine low Price


Heavy Duty Powder Screening Machine is a high frequency direct discharge vibrating screen equip with two same vibration motors installed on the two sides of vibrating screen body. the eccentric hammer installed on the top and bottom of motor make three-D movement when the motor works, and the strong force transfer to the screen mesh surface  so as to achieving the material powder sieving, checking and grading functions. At the same time, the special design of discharge output improve the speed and quality of the powder screening. The high frequency vibratory sifter machine is your suitable choice for large sieving capacity powder impurities removing.


Heavy Duty Powder Screening Machine low Price


Powder Screening Machine features

1. Two Motors with strong vibration force.
2. Less consumption, low noise.
3. Simple structure, easy to dismantle and maintain.
4. Fully enclosed, no spill when screen liquid material, no powder fly when screening powder.
5. Single layer and multi-layers design, suit for various need.
6. Continuous work in a whole day.
7. Small volume, light weight, easy to adjust position.

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