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Food Industrial Wheat Flour Sieving Vibratory Sifter Machine


How to efficient sieving the wheat flour powders?  Strong vibration design high frequency vibratory sifter machine can meet the flour powder sieving requirements. Wheat Flour is a common food material in daily life, and also a raw material for various food processing. Flour is used in a large amount, and a vibrating screen is often used in the use process. Then, which type vibrating screen is generally used for flour powder screening?



Flour, as a powder material, its particle size is generally not very small. If the processing capacity is not large, it is very suitable to use a rotary vibrating screen for screening. The rotary vibrating screen is used to screen flour with fine screening and moderate output. The equipment can have up to five layers, with a diameter of 400 to 2000mm, to meet all types of customers. If the demand for sifting flour is large and has special properties, the direct discharge vibratory sifter machine can also be used. The straight vibrating screen is a vibrating screen with faster blanking. Compared with the rotary vibrating screen, the sifting flour is more suitable for large users.



Therefore, rotary vibrating screen and high frequency vibratory sifter machine are commonly used for flour screening, and users can choose different types according to their actual conditions.

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