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Fine Powder Grinder Machine for Milling


This type of fine powder grinder machine can be applied in almost all material grinding functions and by this we also call it universal grinding mill machine. The powder grinding machine is composed of a mechancial structure frame, grinding chamber, grinding disk, Brand motor, and mesh screen. The mesh screen can change by your different grinding size need. The material to be ground is fed into the mill by gravity, impact, and shearing between the rotating and stationary disk. the fines are filtered through the screen mesh, the coarse fraction is left in the housing to continue to be milled, and this process repeats until all the materials are milled. The fine powders from the outlet are collected. dust will be collected by a bag filter. The grinding mill machine can be quip with the vibratory sieving machine for coarse materials impurity removal.


Fine Powder Grinder Machine for Milling


This powder grinding mill machine can be applied in almost all industry needing the milling functions. the following are some main applications for the powder milling machine. Food industry: Biscuit, Cocoa press cake, Dried peas, Potato starch, rice, Soy Protein, Sugar, Cocoa, Wheat gluten, Fennel, Cumin, Corn,Pepper, Soybean meal, Garlic, Pumpkin, Spices, sesame seeds, chili, onion, Ginger, Tea Powder; Pharmaceuticals industry: Herbal medicine, Analgesics, Laxatives, Anti-convulsant, Gastric reflux, suppressants, Vitamins, Cultures, Aspirin, Paracetamol;  Chemical: Carbonates, Chlorates, Chlorides, Citric Acid, Fertilizers, Fungicides, Gum Arabic, Gypsum, Hexamine, Insecticides,Metallic Salts, Nitrates, Oxides, Pesticides, Phosphates, Stearates, Talc, Urea Resin and so on. The powder grinder machine can equip with the vibrating sieve machine, vacuum feeder conveyor for dust free powder distance conveying and ribbon blender mixer. machines.


Fine Powder Grinder Machine for Milling


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