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Efficient Metal Powder Sieving Tumbler Screening Machine Applications


Tumbler Screening Machine for Metal Powder Applications


The traditional vibratory sieve machine is applied in metal powder classification, but its low output and low precision pose a great challenge to metal powder producers. Tumbler Screening Machine has been developed successfuly solved these issues.



Efficient Tumbler Screening Machine Different Types




Tumbler Screening Machine is a new type of fine powder sieving machines, which can turn at different angles and accelerate the screening liguidlization of metal powders. These turns provide more energy, the metal powders staying on the screen deck longer and resulting in higher output and higher accuracy. At the same time, The tumbler screen machine can process any kind of metal powders, such as copper powder, iron powder and stainless steel.



Metal Powder Sieving Tumbler Screening Machine Details Pictures




Efficient Tumbler Screening Machine Advantages


Tumbler Screening Machine does not just provide higher output and precision. It also saves a lot of energy and has smaller space occupation, which allows it to be integrated into a variety of equipment and provides producers with wider opportunities. Its compact and silent operation also makes it easier to integrate into existing lines and systems. The structure of the tumbler screen machine means durable and stable working conditions, long working time and low maintenances cost. compared with the traditional vibrating sieve machines. In conclusion, The tumbler screening machine provides higher output and accuracy, more energy efficiency and more space efficient than traditional vibratory sieve.

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