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Bulk Bag Feeding Station for Powder Discharging


Heavy Duty Bulk Bag Feeding Station is a powder discharger equipment for powder discharging and unloading with efficient and automatic features. the bulk bags loading capacity, size, lifting height, distance and dust free functions all can be customized according to your application site requirements.


Bulk Bag Feeding Station for Powder Discharging


Features of bulk bag feeding station


1. Using forklift, crane or electric hoist as lifting equipment can reduce the labor intensity.
2. The bulk bag unloader can be equipped with crushing, flapping, vibrating and magnetic accessories, which can effectively crush block materials; Tapping can make the materials in the ton bag completely discharged without residue; The vibration device effectively breaks the arch bridge; Magnetic separation can remove sundries in materials.
3. The bag clamping device adopts pneumatic or pneumatic mode, especially the double channel bag clamping mode, so that the materials do not leak, do not layer, and do not generate dust.
4. The outlet of the ton package feeding station can be connected with: rotary unloading valve, hopper, silo, manual feeding station, vacuum feeder, mixing tank, etc

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