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Bulk Materials Conveying Bucket Elevator Working Principles


The buckets elevator conveyor is a bulk materials feeding equipment which has the advantages of large loading capacity, high lifting height and high efficient. the following is the basic working principles of the Z type bucket elevator for your better understanding of this powder feeder conveyor machines.



Z type Bucket Elevator Conveying working principles


When the rotary bucket elevator works, the reduction motor drives the two sprockets to move synchronously through the bearing, so that the two chains engaged with it move synchronously on the closed track. When the material is conveyed to the feeder, it slides into the horizontally forward hopper, and then the excess material in the dustpan is brushed into the next hopper by the brush of the feeder. Since the material slides into the hopper, it is not forced to scrape, so the material will not be broken. Thus, through the synchronous movement of the two chains, the hopper between the two chains can move continuously on its closed track. Under the action of the turning wheel, the hopper is turned over, and the materials in the hopper fall into the supporting equipment temporary storage bin from the outlet of the elevator.

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