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Automatic Valve Bag Filling Machine Features


Multi-function Automatic Weighing valve bag filling machine is an efficient bulk powder bags packing machines widely applied in many industrials. The following is the features and advantages of the valve bag filling machines.



Automatic Valve Bag Filling Machine Features


1. Automatic material bag packaging with the PLC control functions more efficient and save labor cost.

2. High bag packing efficiency equip with Manual bag loading, pneumatic bag clamping, automatic weighing and measuring Max. 200 bags per hour.

3. The material is not easy to remain in the packaging machine, easy to clean.

4. The Quantitative Weighing Shell is Made of Carbon Steel, and the Part in Contact with the Material is Made of Stainless Steel Sewing Machine, Conveyor, Control System.

5. Display window for the bag filling machine adopts high-brightness LED display, real-time display of packaging weight, cumulative output, number of packages.

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